It’s okay to be you – that’s not true!

Stay as you are, a well-intentioned birthday wish – for me the worst wish ever!

A few days ago I came across the sentence: Develop so fast that your friends who meet you again in a month will have to get to know you anew.
WOW – this has picked me up AND GOT ME INVOLVED.

There are so many facets to it.

On the one hand, the realization that growth, development and change are important components for happiness – I’m definitely on board with that and love high speed in all of these areas.

On the other hand, the question: What does your environment want? Family, friends, co-workers…?

Do the people around you want to constantly get to know you anew, or would you rather live with the statement:

Stay as you are…., because there I know what I have and do not have to prepare for any surprises.

Then who is the lid for development?

The question is, do others still recognize you when you evolve?
Which of your values will withstand even intense periods of development – what are the core values, what is non-negotiable and always belongs to you and your personality, your leadership style without any doubt?

…and what is thrown overboard?

Do the others still recognize the person they liked before, trusted and relied on?

…and then we come to the beginning: It’s okay to be you.

In my opinion, the standard – it’s okay – is not enough here.

“It’s okay” seems like a nice permission slip – from whofor what ?

Have the courage to become who you are – 100%, with all corners and edges that belong to it and are also sometimes NOT “okay” for others.

Have the courage to become who you are. Clarity is king! Leadership as a LIFESTYLE.

Always a little more, or even at top speed.
Staying true to yourself makes it easy at that point, because certain things are then simply non-negotiable – and that’s a good thing. Because then it will also be clear for the environment who you are.

It’s not okay to be you: it’s your job to be YOU, FULL Pound, with everything you’ve got…..and best of all with ease!

Remember: The answers are within you – TRUST YOU!


Elke 💃💯✨