I am Elke Preuss.

Coach for Men in Leadership,

to live, love and lead again with balance, joy, strength and ease.

As a scout

I will show you where the stones are in the river that needs to be crossed and how you can discover holistic strategies for your private and professional path that fit you and your vision of a happy, easy and fulfilled life.

With courage, short paths, passion and the firm conviction that life can be easy.

As a coach and mentor

I support professionally successful people to remember their forgotten potential again and to use it as an amplifier of their future life.

As an expert

for thinking without limits, I inspire, motivate and encourage a change of perspective – with the experience and knowledge that solutions are often already within reach.

What makes a good leader, who do people like to follow and get excited, inspired and motivated? I have been dealing with these issues since my childhood.

About me

Since I was 12 years old, I have set myself up for a life situation that never came to pass.
From the age of 40 I would have to sit in a wheelchair, that was the prognosis after a sports accident.
The impact this had and still has on my way of thinking and living is something I only understood in retrospect.

As Steve Jobs said: You can only connect the dots looking backwards.

By my mid-20s, I was already a leader, and there was something missing from most teaching-leadership models.
For me, it’s always been about igniting the fire in my employees, multiplying that excited me even back then.

My Life Lessons:
No matter how life goes, what matters is how flexibly you can react and how quickly you can regenerate.

Benefit from my shortcuts, blueprints, experiences and inspirations.

At this point, there is permission and encouragement to take care of you.

Now is the time – let’s get started!

Elke believes everything is possible and kindles the fire in people to believe it for themselves as well.

– Claudia Strzelecki

Facts / Certificates


  • Finalist – Rise To Greater Heights Award – Category: Coach of the Year 2023
  • Certified Hypnotherapist – by Mindvalley | evercoach 2023
  • Top coach for Mindvalley’s exclusive international VIP Chief Life Officer program – 2022 / 2023.
  • Certified Life Coach – by Mindvalley | evercoach – 2022
  • Certified 6 Phase Trainer – by Mindvalley | evercoach – 2022
  • Motivational Speaker – certified by Les Brown – 2021
  • Solution Focused Coach – 2019
  • Systemic coach – 2018
  • Feng Shui Consultant
  • Commercial Specialist

10 things about me


  1. I love animals but have an allergy to animal hair. I’m not a real scout, but I really like the picture because it’s so apt!
  2. In 2016 I decided to cycle from Dortmund to Norderney. At that time I had a new bike for 2 weeks, but no experience with cycling tours, I was also not trained.
    2 weeks after the decision I left.
    There was a map, a sat nav, lots of signposts and my idea of how I wanted to drive – and the reality.
    I learned a lot on this 400 km tour.
  3. In August 2018, from the desert above the Dead Sea, I saw the sun rise over Jordan and knew: that’s where I was drawn.
    A few weeks later I traveled alone to Jordan, in November 2020 my 1st desert seminar should take place there, but the travel conditions did not allow it this year. To be continued.
  4. I used to not be able to laugh at myself. I still remember the situation that taught me too well. Meanwhile, I love to have a royal laugh at myself.
  5. I love to create miraculous words.
  6. My party logo is based on an airline.
  7. I like Harry Belafonte and was very lucky to see him live in Cologne. At that time.
  8. I think fairy dust is a proven remedy.
    Sounds funny, but considering the scientifically proven power of visualizing, I don’t understand the fuss.
  9. When someone enthusiastically introduces me to their imaginative idea, I like to jump in and shout, “I’m in!” – this creative energy MUST be supported.
    I love it #nomatterwhat.
  10. I assume that I can learn something from every other person.
    Thanks for this!

    Freedom is not found by feeling good about yourself, but by feeling true to yourself.

    Deepak Chopra