You are the successful doer, the entrepreneur who can already look back on so many successes. The one who tackles and makes.

And yet there are those moments when you know there’s more – a project, an idea, a next “impossible” goal.

But there is no time, there is no one to share it with and alone it is so incredibly tedious.

But it doesn’t go away – it sits in your head, in your neck, and it won’t let you go.

I got you.

In this special direct 1 to 1 collaboration with me, we create space for what seems impossible for others.

You feel that the limits of others are not your limits.
We create the framework to bring this ONE idea into the world.
Not tough and exhausting, but full of radiance and momentum.

You know that Next Level also always means to overcome this ONE moment, to get through this ONE phase.
Even if it feels hard in the meantime and you would like to give up – I won’t let you.
We are in this together. Non-negotiable. Deal.

And then comes the next step and the next phase – until success is inevitable.
I am by your side, because you are here to win.

You wouldn’t be here if your idea wasn’t worth bringing to light.

You decide: Momentum or Deathblow. YOU decide. Now.

What will it cost you if you never implement them?

This idea needs you – and I am at your side!

  • You turn your idea into a new reality.
  • You just do it and change the world, your own and that of your environment.
  • You know there is no such thing as the perfect plan.
  • You know that one step is better than none.
  • You know it’s going to be great – when you finally get around to it.
  • You know you would hate to bury another idea!

Let me accompany you.
Let me be your accountability partner.
Let me challenge you , encourage you and celebrate you!

As your Scout, I am with you on the journey, prepared for challenges to come. Knowing where the quicksand, the shallows and the oases are.
There is no agenda or guiding principles for this type of collaboration.
Life is getting in the way and the situation is changing – steadily, but professionals are moving on. No matter what.

We go together and I make sure that you arrive safely where you want to go!

42 days.
During this time you have overcome the difficult start-up phase, have achieved your first successes and have a plan for the future. You set out to do it and you didn’t let it stop you.
From now on, nothing can stop you.
Although it looks like a long way, it’s a shortcut.

YOUR project can be anything that you can’t let go of:

  • A habit you want to establish.
  • A Business Project.
  • An unusual idea.
  • A long-cherished dream.
  • The thought that does not let you sleep at night

    Use my strength for your success.

I see what you can’t see yet because you’re in the middle of it and we’re going through it together.
And then we go on together.

A bit further than you thought.
Much easier than you thought.
So much better than ever before.
You are liberated and radiant.
You are becoming who you have always been.
You have brought your next big thing into the world.

This time you keep at it and get stronger day by day.
You accomplished more than you suspected after 42 days – and it felt easy.
You followed through and after 6 weeks you created a tangible result from an idea.
The next steps are prepared and clear as day, because you have built up momentum.
And it feels great on!

This is your package:

  • 42 days | 6 weeks Support as sparring partner, coach and mentor
  • Weekly 1 to one direct collaboration with me – 60 min.
  • Kick off Intense and Release Session

  • Direct VIP
    Access to me via Voxer
  • Limited seats

Your investment:


I am here.
For you.

Let’s get started.


When it’s time for your next big step – NOW!

How to reach your next “impossible goal” and build momentum even when you don’t have the time and support.

Elke Preuss
Encouragement Coach